Sunday, October 25, 2009

Letting go of stuff.

Since my house is small and I can't maximize the space any more I've decided to pare down. Oh it is hard. I have to let go of kids clothes that I've kept over the years because there is too much of them. Some of them are now out of style, some of them are not to the liking of the new owner and some are older than the newer ones that have been given to us. No kid can wear this much clothes after all so I will find them a better home. I have gone through one daughter's clothes but I need to go through more. I've gone through my clothes as well. Today I went through my cookbooks. Oh yes I have those even though I detest cooking. Did you ever have something because you think that one day you will morph into that kind of person? Don't do it! I kept all the baking ones of course or most of them but the cooking stuff just had to go. I can't keep telling myself that one day I will make those recipes but if I really need a recipe I am sure I can find it on the net and just print it out. I'm going to have to look through my kitchen stuff too and see what can go but that's for another day. Its not that its physically hard but its emotionally hard to let go of the past and all those memories and hard to let go of the possible future that never seems to materialize.


  1. Purge, PURGE against the dying of the space!

  2. ^ LOL
    Constantly battling the packrat genes here too. Both parents are packrats and so am I. My mom told me today she came across photos of me in elementary school (yikes) and congrats cards on the birth of my oldest brother who if half a century old - she couldn't remember who half the people were who sent cards. Good luck with the decluttering... I need to get back to it too.

  3. I thought keeping old photos and cards was normal. Those small flat things don't take up much space. What is your weakness? Anybody have any before and after photos?

  4. Going through this again. Some of my clothes were given at the BeingMe conference, baby stuff to a needy family. Toys to goodwill and my new granddaughter. Next I have to go through my son's clothes. He's 7 and there was no son after him or grandson.