Sunday, February 28, 2010

Challenge Day 6

Tonight we had leftovers so there is nothing to post. Tomorrow is the last night, I know what I'll be cooking, do you?

I think Heather was the only one who took the challenge right? If not please post the link to your blog.


  1. ASA,

    I was the ONLY challenge taker?? Seriously??

    Get this -- tonight I made THE most fabulous dinner. And I forgot to take pictures. AND, it was so good, that there are no left overs!! I'll still blog it, because it's SO good...but a little sad that we didn't commemorate it with a picture. :/

  2. Oh -- and my friend is also doing the food challenge...but she didn't post too much about it...either way, here's the link to HER blog

  3. Great so I'll get the random thing to choose between you. I like her blog and I'm following it now.

    Anyone else?