Monday, February 1, 2010

Treasures from the Orient

Hubby and son came back from Malaysia a couple of weeks ago and these are some of the treasures they brought back for me. Alhumdullilah there were scarves,clothes,batik sarongs, souveniers, hijab pins and even a lovely clock (actually for my son from his uncle who regifted it to me). I was really touched by all the gifts from family, friends and strangers including the gift of free sewing of all our future Eid outfits. You can really feel the generosity of muslims in Malaysia which I think is lacking here in North America. I still remember travelling through Asia and how different the people were compared to here. Back in 2000 we went through Korea to get to Malaysia and total strangers gave us bananas. On the way home going through Japan the stewardess from Malaysian airlines gave us a huge bottle of water and total strangers in Japan gave us a box of chocolates; Ferrero Rocher. Till this day when I look at a box of these chocolates I cannot forget the generosity of that person. On Malaysian airlines they also gave me baby food for my daughter. As soon as I switched to Canadian Airlines though I was refused baby food because I hadn't ordered it ahead of time. The difference in attitude is palpable. I miss the open heartedness of Asians. May Allah bless all the people who made thier stay a wonderful one and for all their generosity towards our family. Amin.

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