Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Challenge Day 1

Last night for the first supper I made pizza from scratch well not the sauce but the dough anyway. I hated the recipe; the recipe didn't call for enough water compared to all the flour arrrrgh! Well I added more but still. This is only my second time making pizza dough. The first time was with the bread machine but that only makes one batch at a time so it would take forever to make three batches. I used my Kitchen Aid mixer this time. The mixer was ok but something has to be done with the free recipe book they throw in. I wonder if all their recipes are that lame. Scared to try!

Family's response: Lots of thank you moms which was great but they found the crust on the edge kind of hard. (do I get to blame Kitchen Aid again?) One of the three pizzas had red peppers in case you are wondering where are the vegetables.

Looking forward to seeing your lovely creations for the challenge.


  1. yum -- you put me to shame, I made simple stuff. I used to make awesome pizza dough, but someone envied me or something, because lately they seem to rival hockey pucks in texture.

    Where did you get the peperoni? I've been buying a soy peperoni that is so good that my brother (not a muslim) didn't know. He thought I bought it special for him (silly boy!)


    I buy these at No Frills. Have you tried asking your grocery store to get halal meat? How about your halal meat stores?

  3. That's a good idea to ask your grocery to stock halal meat, maybe I'll have my husband ask...
    I never made decent pizza dough until I switched to bread flour. We buy 25 lb bags from Costco. It makes a big difference.
    I still don't make pizza as well as my neighbor, she puts a lot of oil in the bottom of a 13 x 9 pyrex dish.

  4. Bread flour, good idea. A pyrex dish for pizza? Does it really turn out right?