Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Green Deen -Watts

So onto the next section; watts. This section talks about electricity. He starts by mentioning the blackout of 2003. Where were you when it happened? I remember that day all too well. Then he goes on to talk about energy from hell (oil, coal, etc) and energy from heaven (solar, wind etc). This expression wasn't coined by him though.Next is efficiency and green jobs. Very interesting chapter. I was very impressed by the Green City Force which 'targets disadvantaged neighbourhoods in Brooklyn' .I was also impressed with IMAN; Chicago's Inner-City Muslim Action Network. In living off the grid he talks about a convert living in Mexico in a community that is self-sustainable.

So here are some questions?

Where were you in 2003 when the blackout happened and how did you react?

Is your home energy efficient?

Would you be willing to live off the grid?

Does your city have any solar panels or wind turbines?


  1. Salam Alaykom,

    I don't remember the 2003 blackout. Was it a world-wide thing or only in Canada?

    My home is somewhat energy efficient. I have those energy-saving light bulbs, my washing washing is energy efficient, we turn off all power and unplug at night, I hang my clothes to dry...that is all i think about now.

    What does it mean to live off grid?

    I don't think our city has solar panels ot wind turbines....no room I think...lol!

  2. Wa Alaikum salaam

    The 2003 blackout only affected some parts of the US and Canada.

    Living off the grid means making your own electricity not getting it from the city.

  3. Salamz,

    Uh okay...so explains why I don't remember it...LoL!

    I would LOVE to live off the grid but I believe you would need lots of money to do that. I saw a doco once of a couple living like this. They were in the country, have solar panels and a special water system and also one was an architect and he designed the house to be very energy efficient. Like the positioning of windows and having plants indoors etc. Also, this couple were making their own electricity and extra that the electricity company was owing THEM money b/c it would be transferred to them if there was excess by the end of the month or something.

    I'd love it but don't see it possible, unfortunately.