Monday, March 7, 2011

Dinner Dawah

On Saturday my friend held a dinner for her colleagues to tell them about her hajj trip. She got me to talk about the five pillars of Islam. I made a powerpoint and also added extra information after each slide. Then she played a video about hajj (funny because there was a malay couple going for hajj as well as a convert). She answered some questions and also pointed out her little display of gifts she had brought back from hajj (prayer mat, miswak etc). Then we had dinner and some of the guests came to sit with us muslims at our table and one asked me why I converted to Islam and I told her my long story. She made no comments so I don't know how well that went over, lol. After all this I started to make my way home but there was a snowstorm so I decided to spend the night in town. Insha Allah my friend's guests left with a little more knowledge about Islam.


  1. Salam alaykom,

    Mashallah what a gr8 idea for your friend to do, may Allah reward you both for your efforts. Inshallah you sparked a little light in someone that night. Hope you had a good time :)

  2. Wa alaikum salaam

    Masha Allah it was a good idea. I never heard of anyone doing it before on their own. I did have a good time, alhumdullilah.

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