Saturday, March 26, 2011

Top Ten Tips of a Productive Muslim

Do you want to be a more productive muslim? Here are the top ten tips from the Productive Muslim website. What are you going to do today?


  1. Salam alaykom,

    Jazakillah....these should be written down and posted on the fridge.

    I recently found out that you can pray istikhara at any time of the day....I grew up thinking it was only b4 bed. You learn so much more when you research what ppl tell you is right and wrong! LOL

  2. Wa alaikum Salaam

    Yes they should. I also found that out about the prayer. I just wish the prayer could be made anytime you want.

  3. Salam alaykom,

    What the istikhara.....? You can pray it anytime you want.

  4. ahem...I meant you can't do it at one time of the month. I wish it were like dua.