Friday, April 1, 2011

RIS Links

I meant to do this ages ago but  late than never. I want to share some links from all the flyers I got from RIS. Most of them had booths and some of them you know and some maybe not. I hope that these will be useful for those who couldn't make it last year to Reviving the Islamic Spirit..

Fashion Links.

Sister has Style  ( I don't remember this booth at all but a little boy in the auditorium picked up this business card off the floor and handed it to me thinking it was mine.)

Om-Anas Islamic fashion and bookstore

d'kir Designs 
(I bought two jilbabs from them; teal and mauve and I love them and would buy from them again!)

Wedding Related

HnR Desserts

CHIC Weddings & Events 

Khatbah "Matchmaker"


Alexandria educational center  
(these were the only people selling pink kids' prayer mats)

My Islamic Books
(Islamic and Arabic studies books)


International Relief Fund for the Afflicted and Needy

 Muslim Welfare Centre

ICNA Relief Canada 

Muslimat Al-Nisaa (Woman's Shelter)
(It was at her booth that I found out that Paradise4ever has shut down, how sad is that?)


Alif Arabic

Al Kauthar Institute 

Islamic Forum


Travel Guide

My Stellar 

Dar El Salam Travel 


Green Bidet

 Fountain Magazine

i Freedom Mastercard 


Campbell soup
(thanks for the free soup)

Blossom Pure Organic
(expensive but 100% halal and organic)

Maple Lodge Zabihah
(thanks for the hamburger coupon but seems no one sells it)

Whew ok I'm tired now. If you know anymore links from RIS let me know. I think I missed some. And just to let you know, no company paid me a cent for these endorsements and information. :)


  1. I just caught up with yours and other blogs. havent been to the blogging world in ages. Jazak Allah for the links!