Thursday, April 28, 2011

Conver(t)sations- Unheard Stories

Boy can I relate to this. Finally converts telling their stories about after they became muslims.


  1. Salam alaykom,

    Mashallah I am vry happy I gave the time to listen to was funny & very informative. I had it playing whilst I was preparing shish barak :)

    Subhanallah, made me think that only strong Muslims can go thru this and stay strong on their deen. Everyone has tests in life & you are never given more than u can handle so it really is a blessing in disguise if you react well ;).

    May Allah bless all the converts non-Muslim families with Islam! < 1 thing mentioned in the vid!

  2. Amin. I am happy you listened to it. I wish all the raised muslims would listen. I think they don't really understand us.

  3. Two hours! I need to schedule time to watch this one...
    Were there any women on the panel? I often get the impression things are a little easier for the brothers, or at least different...
    Have you read Believing As Ourselves??
    Yes, the raised Muslims need to understand, many are happy for us but whether they really "get it", I don't know...

  4. Assalaamu Alaikum Huda

    There were 3 women if I remember correctly but there were a lot of men which is odd as more women convert than men and the women probably would have spoke more if they weren't so outnumbered but I still feel they covered most points well.

    For the men I always feel they are more accepted but when it comes to marriage it seems no one wants them to marry their daughter at least amongst Indian/Pakistani and Arab fathers. Malays are more open minded it seems when it comes to their daughters.

    I have that book and I have read it. I never went through what she went through. I was always just myself and never cared about pleasing others. Also never threw myself into Islam so deeply. I took it slow.