Friday, April 1, 2011

Solar Model Kits and Earth Day

Just came across this kit for kids. Do you ever use kits with your homeschooling kids? I 've used a magnet one and a electricity one but today I came across a Solar Model kit and its just in time for earth day this month (April 22nd). I think my kids would love this, in fact I would like to make one of these models!

What will you be doing for Earth Day this year? A walk in the woods,picking up litter, planting trees,remembering to use your own grocery bags/boxes,watching Avatar,making a birdhouse,composting,recylcing, making a quilt out of old clothes,river/lake side cleanup,using public transportation,buying local,turning off your lights,using cold water for your laundry and using clothes line or drying racks,avoiding chemicals in cleaning products and personal-care products (visit, eating meat less often and/or switching to organic, becoming a gargage picker,making your own babyfood, using cloth diapers,nursing your baby,walking your kids to school donating your clothes or other household items on freecycle or to a local charity or having a cheap date ie picnic in the park? Have a happy Earth Day!

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