Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Summer Is Around the Corner

In a few days summer will be upon us. What can you do to beat the heat? Try this dessert on our family cooking blog posted by my daughter; Strawberry Oreo Ice cream cake.

Or check out my review for the Veilkini and get yours today and one for your daughter or niece or friend or wife! Use code Shoe10 to recei ve 10% off.

Also this summer why not join our book club. For June the book is Of  Hijab and Hockey ,if you are not too busy with the hockey playoffs, for July its Just 5 Minutes, 9 Years in the Prisons of Syria and for August/Ramadan its The Marvels of the Heart: Science of the Spirit.

Also remember to go to MuslimFest, Muslim Day at Canada's Wonderland, Muslim Womenpreneur at ISNA, Journey of Faith and  Muslim Day at Ontario Place. Also when you are out and about remember to pray. Canada's Wonderland has a multifaith centre with a wudu station and two prayer rooms. Its close to the mountain. Have fun but don't forget Allah.

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  1. I finally made the strawberry ice cream cake myself. Insha Allah tomorrow we will enjoy it. Can't wait! Anyone else try it? Its so easy to make...piece of cake!