Wednesday, June 29, 2011

My New Veilkini Bathing Suit

 I got my new Veilkini Bathing suit from AlSharifa!  Yes I got another one today and its in my favourite colour; purple.Its called; 

LAGUNA Swimsuit : Plum / Grape

I waited a long time for them to come out with one in this colour. So glad the strike is over so I can enjoy it this summer. I like this one even more because the side of the shirt and pants comes with clips instead of just a tie and  also the bottom of the legs can be made tighter.

For my daughter (dd3) who is 11, I'm thinking to get her the Malibu. These are good for tweens.

Thinking of getting one too but you're not sure? Read my review here. If you like what you see/read then order one and don't forget to use the code shoe10 to save 10%.

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