Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Arrorgance Towards Our Children

This isn't going to be a lecture by a renowned scholar but just little old me and my experiences this past year. Allah has shown me through a few examples with my kids that I had better listen up and listen well. I am sorry kids. I am sorry I thought I knew better. I've always appreciated the honesty of children and how they feel no qualms about enjoining the good and forbidding the evil. But what about other issues? Sometimes they know better too. I will give you 4 examples. I hope you will be a better listener than me.

1. My daughter kept complaining about her apt. I kept telling her she should be grateful and that the situation was great. This daughter is 19 yrs old so you think I would have listened better right? Well I didn't. It ended up that a friend told me about another apt which was better for her so my daughter gave her notice and all heck broke loose. Long story short she ended up getting kicked out through no fault of her own! This was a horrible stressful time for the family and especially her. It ended up that the 2nd apt promised to her wasn't even given to her! Thankfully through friends a 3rd apt was found and she is there happily. If I had listened to my daughter in the first place all this drama could have been avoided... a drama so large people were telling me to call the cops!

2. My son (13) told me he had a problem. I overlooked it thinking it was nothing and the problem spread to everyone! For months! Moral...never procrastinate when kids mention problems. Jump right on them immediately. Investigate don't just assume!

3. My daughter (12) told me Mom you should close up your outdoor umbrella. Since I've never owned an umbrella like that before I thought why should I? Then a wind came up and blew the umbrella down and smashed the glass patio table ( which we had got from the trash). Just because someone is a kid doesn't mean they aren't right.4. Then that summer I also ordered her an item. I told her which one to get. She disagreed but I thought I knew better. I didn't go to all the lengths literally that I should have to make sure if that was the right choice. Turns out she was right and I had to send the item back at my own cost.

Insha Allah I have learned my lesson.


  1. Assalamualaikum Sis, its been a long time since I blog walked.I actually leran a lot from my kids too. Being a mom does not give you the veto power. If they make a wrong decision, we have to go around in another way so that they can SEE why we disagree...have a blessed day.