Sunday, January 1, 2012

January 2012 book club pick

Mom, I'm a Muslim is the choice for this month. I tried to find this title at RIS but no one had it not even SoundVision who had none of the titles I chose for this year. I think because I have chosen books by non-Islamic publishers they are not available even though they are written by Muslims. I think Islamic stores need to branch out more although I can see why they want to support Islamic book publishers. Muslims need to have more choices. Some of the books I saw at RIS, actually most of them are really old titles but I guess the young people haven't read them yet. One interesting title which I did see was Yes I Would Love Another Glass of Tea. Perhaps that can be my choice for January 2013.


  1. 2 months have passed..has anyone read this? I'm trying to get this still.