Sunday, January 1, 2012

My dad broke my fast.

Yesterday I was fasting to make up for the days I missed and so was dd3. In the morning she woke up and put on mismatched blue, one bright pink. I said to her great now imagine what the visitors will say. She responded mom we never get visitors. And that's true, we can count on one hand how often people come to see us a year. This was the day dh also decided to replace our ahem throne and so I decided since the water was turned off to go use the ladies room elsewhere. As I was walking out the door I saw a man in a truck pull in. I thought he is probably just turning around but lo and behold it was my dad! My dad was stopping by on his way from my brother's (yes I'm not the favourite) and needed to use the facilities, lol and of course visit us. I told him you can join me and go to Timmie's which he did and there I thought about how we could sit and have a coffee and a chat as we never get to be alone together but then I suddenly remembered oh yeah I'm fasting! However my dad bought a dozen doughnuts and I told him I can't eat one now as I'm fasting to make up my days and so is dd3. He said oh well you can save it then. So that is how my dad broke my fast and how wearing mismatched socks brings visitors. Well the water was turned back on shortly after so we are visitor ready! Hello, hello?


  1. Your post made me smile and I wanted to comment on it, but didn't know how to...