Monday, January 9, 2012

What I'm reading now............

I was at the library today and right beside the counter taunting me was a book I just had to grab; Clutter Busting. Remember my storage dilemma post? Well it is the new year and everyone is organizing so maybe its not really serendipity but who knows? In Islam nothing is a coincidence. I'm only on the introduction but I like the way the author speaks to me. Its refreshing because the author is a male which is different from most organizing books. I need to read this to know if I am really being thrifty or holding onto the past. I've never been a rich person, not even middle class so I always have a fear of not having enough so I know this is part of the problem. I want to see what this book has to say and where I should go with my problem. As an aside have any of you watched Extreme Cheapskates? My son (13) said wow Mom this is really Islamic. Lol....yes being frugal is Islamic but not too over the top. Allah likes to see His blessing shown on us.

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