Monday, January 16, 2012

What I've been reading lately....

So I still haven't read Wandering Lonely in a Crowd,Married to a Bedouin or Mom, I'm a Muslim but I have just finished reading The Muslim Marriage Guide by Ruqaiyyah Waris Maqsood that I picked up for the bargain price of 5 bucks at RIS. I wish I had read this ages ago as it first came out in '98 but better late than never. I really enjoyed this book although she had some strange hadith authors I've never seen before although the info seemed sound enough. She is not afraid to be frank in this book which is something Islam is in the forefront of compared to Christianity. Mentioned in the book a lot, are men, who hang out till all hours at the mosque with buddies and guys watching sports all the time. I couldn't relate to this part at all as dh is not like that at all. Most books and blogs seem to talk about Indian/Pakistani or Arab guys so I never see any information about marriage to a Malay ever reflected. I would recommend this book though and it would make a great marriage gift and guys should read it with their wives.


  1. You are lucky to get a good Malay guy, not all are good, I hope my children would grow up to be good Malay guys, husbands and fathers..grant me this wish Oh Allah...

  2. Alhumdulillah. Its just not his style. Amin to your dua.

  3. I think I was going to order this book and then I found it online but I never read it, its nicer to have the book in your hand..ima order it inshallah since your saying its worth reading.

    I read this one When Muslim Marriage Fails: Divorce Chronicles & Commentaries by Suzy Ismail she is an amazing perosn I meet her at a marriage lecture here in NJ she is trying to create a marraige matching group in NJ

    Its an interesting book but a little scary because it gives you depressing stories of failed muslim marriages

    You might like this online book which gives married people advice (didnt read it because im not married lol)

  4. Thanks for the links. I actually did a post on lifepepper quite some time ago. I think I'll add the other book to my bookclub for next year.