Monday, January 16, 2012

November 2011 Heaven Under Your Feet -Book review

This is pretty late. I took a long time to read this because I was so emo about my miscarriage. When I chose this book I was still pregnant. I think this would have been a great book to read years ago when I first started having kids as a Muslim ( I had 2 when I was Christian) because of the Islamic advice I missed out on. This book is a combination of both worldly and Islamic advice. I like how she includes duas and mentions letting your baby listen to quran while you are pregnant. One thing I disagree with is her opinion on not having your husband at the delivery with you. She says in islamic history a woman would always be present. She also says that men won't be able to take it and will feel less attracted to their wives later. I discussed this topic with dh and he said where is her proof? Good point. I think books should have facts as well and not just opinions. Overall I think its a good book though and I think its great for new mothers and new Muslims mothers especially.


  1. oh wow, i disagree too! you were pregnant? recently? miscarriage? aww...hugs



  3. asalaamalaikum sis

    we actually had our local imam check some of the hadith and also things that were said in this book, such as the woman's awra on a scan photo being haraam, and our imam said that these things are wrong and that some hadith was actually fabricated. I wasnt too impressed with the book myself and think that the author should not have brought in her own opinions regarding who should be there at the birth etc. anyway I hope you are well and Im so sorry you had a miscarriage, bless you and may Allah SWT grant you a successful pregnancy and healthy baby soon inshaallah ameen xxx

  4. Wa alaikum Salaam

    If I remember correctly I think some of the hadith did seem odd to me too. Ameen to your dua :)

  5. salaams sisters
    in the intro the author states she got the hadiths checked by a muhaddith, sh Akram Nadwi so not sure what happened here in terms of fabricated hadith - doubt they are included.
    the fiqh/opinions on womens awrah, men attending births etc she says are from sh Riyad Nadwi, so i guess it's an area where scholars differ and she should point that out. she does give evidence for the men being outside and not being at the birth btw.
    no reason why ppl can't leave aside the men at birth/scan photos bits and benefit from the rest if that's their sticking point seen as there isn't much else out there and nobody has problems with most of the rest of the book.