Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Ramadan Day 19

Things are getting a bit better with the kids. As for Ameena she is knee-deep in kids as well, lol. Yesterday I made a prayer chart for the kids. I also finally hole-punched and tied the ABC's of Ramadan colouring book. A first Eid card was made by me too from the kit as a demo for the kids. Our 'snowy' tv was updated with digital cable and new channels but I will ignore it during Ramadan as much as possible. My big news for the day was that I called my two brothers! I haven't had contact with my younger brother in about 2 yrs but it was he who cut me off not the other way around. Alhumdullilah though he talked to me for awhile so I felt like a burden had lifted from my shoulders. I also talked to my older brother who had me cracking up with his jokes and impressions. He was very talkative and much more than my younger brother. He mentioned the Chapelle show and I said I think I heard that guy is muslim and my brother said you just want him to be. I said, no that's how I first heard about the guy. He didn't believe me. So right now I just looked on wikipedia and he is a muslim. See I'm not crazy big bro! lol  Insha Allah I hope the silat-ur-rahim keeps up. After that I read Quran to the kids out loud which takes a lot longer than reading it to myself somehow so I am only on Juz 11. How was your day 19? (is anyone out there?)


  1. Asalaamu alaikum,
    I am! Ramadan is sadly not that exciting down here. Mon-Thurs, it's iftar at home. Fri-Sun it has been iftar with the community at the senior center--our mosque amir is anti-food in the masjid. Part of me doesn't blame him. The men, according to my husband are supremely lazy in picking up their own trash. Part of me misses the opportunity to be in the Masjid, and pray there. Praying outside on tarp is OK. I like praying outside, but not on plastic. I had some nice conversations, but go some intestinal bug and missed iftar Sunday, and a sisters halaqa
    :( I was looking forward to that since my husband is able to babysit. Inshallah next Sunday. I made a nice chocolate cake! Shared with my neighbor, who was happily surprised--just what she needed for post iftar tea. that made me feel good.
    Part of this Ramadan blues has been because I haven't been able to keep fast, and have been low in Iman. Inshallah I have plans to remedy this though.

  2. Salam...you do so much during Ramadan...it's all I can do to get from one hour to the next! I've been sick lately -- if I didn't know better, I'd call it morning sickness -- it's made fating VERY hard. :(

    Finally finished school (yay, I have 9 days off) but am way, way, way behind on my Juzz...I'm only on part 6. :(

  3. Wa Alaikum Salaam UmmMalaak

    In our masjid the men actually clean up. In fact they keep shooing us away from the table at 9:30 every time. I'm glad your neighbour liked the cake! Hopefully you'll be able to fast and increase your iman.

  4. Wa alaikum Salaam Hethr

    Maybe you can go on that program "I didn't know I was pregnant" on TLC, lol. The only reason I can do so much is because I'm not fasting due to nursing. Ameena does even more than that though because she doesn't even have any kids. Alhumdullilah that your school is done..does that you mean you've graduated?

  5. EVERYONE is telling me that I'm pregnant...maybe it's a sign from God and I need to go buy a test. hmmmmm....

    Anyhow -- School -- I'll officially have my Certificate in Early Childhood Education as soon as the teacher posts the grades, but still have another 15 months or so until I can get my diploma (depending on how heavy of a course load I take). Inshallah, sooner rather than later.

  6. I was just thinking today why hasn't she bought a test yet? :)

    So you can get a certificate and then a diploma. I think with my daughter's course that they didn't have that option just the diploma.

  7. See -- I just had my monthly visitor -- so to me, it's out of the question -- but I have been reminded numerous times that "you can still get your period while pregnant". Joy.

  8. Assalamu Alaikum,

    we received the eid cards today :) jazakAllahu Khairun I love you, A loved the card too... best part of my week! thanks :)

  9. Wa Alaikum salaam

    Right back at you! Glad to make your week!

    Insha Allah everyone else will let me know if they receive theirs.