Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Healthy Journey Part 2

I try to make black seed oil a part of my routine especially since I started having this leg problem. Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) said that it is a cure for every disease except death. I use it a lot for colds and have used it to treat asthma in my kids a long time ago and also have used it to treat earache. NutraBee the company I mentioned yesterday sells it mixed with honey. Most halal meat stores sell it on their shelves. If you are in the states or are willing to order, Sweet Sunnah is a good company to order from. (see the ad on my site) After reading Healing Body and Soul I found out that Royal Jelly is good for viruses and since the neurologist thinks I might have a virus I started to take that too and once again from NutraBee.

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