Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Healthy Journey Part Five

Falling Down Laughing is the book I just finished which my mother gave to me some time ago. Its the story of Squiggy and how he got MS and hid it for years. You don't remember him? That means you are young. I watched Laverne and Shirley when I was a kid and he was on it. My mother gave me this book because the neurologist said I have either a virus or MS but she couldn't decide. I've also read Montel Williams' book because he has MS too. According to David Lander who wrote Falling, Richard Pryor also had it. I didn't even know that. There are drugs for MS and he also talks about alternative things he's tried but in the end there is no cure and the drugs help some but not completely. I'm still in no man's land so I will continue the alternative route and try to better my nutrition the way Montel did. Next week, insha Allah I start the Nadoona program I told you about. Insha Allah that will be a help.If you can spare a prayer, I'd be mighty obliged.

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