Friday, April 13, 2012

Healthy Journey Part 4

Have you ever heard of cupping? I had, but relegated it in my mind to all things barbaric and backwards and inaccessible anyway. Tsk, tsk, what a way to think of something sunnah. I'm sure I'm not the only one though. Even though I felt this way I kept thinking about it off and on since I got sick and would be reminded of it whenever I went to the Asian food store and saw the box with the cupping set being sold. Then dd1 told me that she knew someone, who knew someone, who did cupping and that she wanted to go. So I jumped on the bandwagon. I started to look up youtube videos about cupping and was very intrigued. I also went to this site and downloaded an ebook. My daughter also gave me the link for the woman who was doing the cupping who was the friend of the friend and I checked out her blog from top to bottom and was very impressed. Even more amazing is that this woman went to Florida to give a talk for Nadoona! Coincidence? Allah was obviously guiding me. Then this past weekend my daughter and I went to her for cupping. I have felt some improvement. I feel more feelings in my feet and toes and felt my toenail for the first time in a year. She told me I need to go again as I have a chronic problem. Have you ever had cupping done? Would you consider it?


  1. I have heard of it - but never known anyone personally have it done. Please share with us your experience if you continue to do this - I would be reaaly interested in knowing!

  2. Salaams
    I'm v interested too, especially as you mention feet. Mine have been bothering me for 13 years and no one, allopathic or alternative, has been able to help. Where is the clinic located?

  3. Wa alaikum Salaam

    You can contact her on her blog. She does it from her home. She's in the GTA.