Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Aboretum Pics again.


  1. Mashallah, that looks really nice. Looks natural, which is nice. Sometimes manicured parks can be dull. Love the wood walkways and all that green!
    Oh I finished the book, gah! It nearly killed me. I'll post soon.

  2. Salams!!
    I love nature. I have been visiting regional parks in my county and will be posting pictures on my new blog, dedicating to stuff like this:))
    I love the very first picture. I love how the water is reflecting the trees and stuff.
    MashAllah. I also like the last picture with you guys on the bridge.

  3. Aischa that will be cool to discuss the book soon. I gotta check if my daughter has finished too.

  4. Wa Alaikum Salaam Rukhpar Mor

    Masha Allah. All the pictures were taken by my third daughter (10 yrs old). She loves to take pictures. I'd love to see your future pictures too.