Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Pine River Cheese

The other day a muslim woman I know said what's the name of the cheese with no rennet you were telling me about. My mind went blank for a moment but then suddenly I remembered. Its Pine River Cheese. Lately I was buying any old cheese because they no longer listed they had rennet or pepsin in them. I thought they finally got the message that we didn't want these ingredients. But then I found out that microbial enzymes could possibly be a code word for the same thing. I even found out that Kraft dinner is not halal. Pine River Cheese is a little hard to find but its safe to eat for muslims except the old cheddar. I know this because I just finished talking to the company.  My town doesn't have this brand but I will travel to the next city to get this because its worth it. Say Cheese!

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