Sunday, May 23, 2010


Friday was a day filled with out of town activities including a visit to an aboretum. The place was huge and we didn't get to see everything by a long shot because we had to go for jumuah prayer. We started off in the lilac area and then went down the duck trail. There were many trails and I wish we could have gone on all of them. Two of my sons took off on a divergent trail and they got to see a huge clearing with a bunny rabbit. Our trail started out with a walkway going through a swampland. It was so restful to go through this quiet relaxed place filled with old growth forest. Sometimes the walkway got muddy though and seemed dislocated in some spots. The kids were so happy to be in nature. I didn't see any critters though which made it surreal. When the trail ended we saw a lot of open spaces with benches where you could quietly contemplate the world or read a book. I wished I could have stayed there all day and soaked in the serenity.

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