Monday, May 31, 2010

Milk Bag Mats

My mother has asked me to save up milk bags so that people at her church can crochet them into mats for the poor. We go through a lot of milk so I'm a good candidate to save up bags that's for sure. I'm wondering though how comfortable it would be to sleep on plastic mats though. I've started to save up the bags but feel kind of odd about it. I'm asking myself would I like to sleep on these? I guess people would say its better than nothing. But I just feel we could do better. What's your take?


  1. I'm wondering how that would look. I mean, i guess the purpose is not for warmth though, so sleeping ON then would be better than sleeping on nothing. While it's a very nice effort, I think we can all do a little better. I mean, many of us can spare a few dollars everyday. But it's still nice of them to think of doing something for the poor, I mean, how many of us actually think about them??

  2. I agree with Falling Up -- wouldn't it make more sense to make a blanket?? Maybe make some crochet milk bag bags -- My friend's mother makes these and sells them for beach/swim bags. Why not crochet a bag (out of those milk bags) and a blanket/scarf/hat out of yarn. It would just make sense to me.

    Also - I have never in my life, heard of a milk bag! Does the milk come in this? Is it a bag for carrying your jug of milk? I'm a little confused.

  3. You can see how they look if you click the link. I agree that at least they are doing something. I also think we need to do better. I keep thinking of ways to improve this idea but the only thing I've come up with is to add material to the top. Then I think why does anyone have to live like this in the first place but that's not going to help unless we become proactive. Some people are sending them overseas like my mom's church and some people are giving them to the homeless here. There is no reason anyone should be homeless in a country like Canada but I have read that some choose to live that way no matter how much help you give them.

  4. lol Heather I heard that Alberta doesn't have milk bags. In Ontario our milk comes in bags of three in a larger plastic bag. Click on the link to see how they look. We then have to put our bags of milk (the small ones) into pitchers and cut of the corner with milk bag cutters or scissors to use it. So a blanket wouldn't make sense since plastic would give no warmth.

  5. Yes, milk bag!? I see it as a flat bag... they bag the milk in it? Or is it just the term for a grocery bag.
    Yeah not good for sleeping on as a mattress, but I suppose it would be like using a tarp, to protect your sleeping gear from wet ground and dirt?
    120 bags for a mat!
    Wow, there must be a better use of your time in sadaqah?

  6. check out this link.

    I was thinking it was a lot of work too when you could just donate money for real roll up mats like yoga type ones or something.

  7. Wow! : )
    In morroco it's little pint sized pyramids!

  8. As salaam alaikum,

    I would want to make sure they are not proselytizing their faith through this project especially in a Muslim country.

    We are involved with an organization here that knits/crochets goods for those in need. The yarn is all donated, maashaa Allah. For those of us who can't just donate money, spending time to create something by hand is also worthy of praise.

  9. Asalaamu Alaikum

    UmmMalaak that sounds very interesting.

    UmmTafari that's a good question. I do know that my mother mentioned that they also send them to muslim countries. Thanks for the reminder about creating something. Its true that not everyone can give. It would have been nice though to see that those who could give did give. KWIM?