Monday, May 3, 2010

The Visit

This past week my daughter and granddaughter have been visiting after she hurt her hand. However she did manage to do some activities with all the kids, check them out here and here and here.Alhumdullilah we were invited for a visit by my arabic teacher and on the weekend we visited a mutual friend. At her house an old friend dropped by who just happens to live next door and brought over a lovely cake.  In the evening I went to another friend's house where we dined on Popeye's Chicken kindly brought in from the GTA by my wonderful son-in-law. You may be thinking big deal, but I rarely see anyone, so having my daughter visit and visting 3 people in one week is big news in my book! Also on the last visit we bumped into my old halaqua teacher who just happens to live across the street from where my friend moved. Small world eh?

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