Monday, January 31, 2011


We all the know the hadith about paradise being at the feet of your mother. Well yesterday was a chance to see if the kids really knew that. I've been having circulation problems in my legs and both feet for about 2 months now. The doctor can't figure out why, blood tests are inconclusive and my appt with a neuroligist is not for another 2 months. Yesterday to make things worse I dropped a plate on my foot. I was in so much pain, you would think a foot without much circulation would be completely numb. As I was screaming as I have a low pain threshold the kids just stood around and asked if I was ok. But one son (ds3) told his brother to get me a chair and he came and hugged me. It meant so much to me and really shows the meaning of that hadith. Dh asked me if I was bleeding and I checked and I was and hadn't even known it, no wonder it hurt so much. I called my son to get me a bandaid and he got it right away. So what was the plate for? It was for some fig bread my mother had brought. I just wanted to get a slice and then dropped it on my foot. I traded my mom some milk bags for her church project of making mats for homeless people. I had collected 118 bags between me and my daughter with the majority being mine. Lots of kids equals lots of bags. What have you done for your mom lately?

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