Monday, January 24, 2011

Soles for Souls and Afghans for Afghans

Last night I was watching Extreme Makeover, I love all decorating shows but this one adds a twist because they donate a home for free to a worthy person. The woman who got a new home grew up in Jamaica and had no shoes as a kid and had to walk 8 miles to school. So on top of getting a new home, Extreme Makeover donated shoes to her old school through the charity Soles for Souls. In fact they also donated shoes to people right across Jamaica. I was really touched by this story as people here in Canada and the US have tons of shoes but so many around the world do not. Its a simple thing to donate a pair of shoes to someone who can't afford them. This is part of being green as well since many shoes are just lying in dump sites and can barely disintegrate and when they do it goes into our water systems. This charity reminded me of the one we gave to when I was a Muslim Girl Guide leader; afghans for Afghans. We all knitted one square and then put them all together to form an afghan, then sent it to be sent to Afghanistan.

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