Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Green Deen -Waste

So as promised we will discuss this book section by section. The first section is called Waste. I'm almost finished. I am reading so slowly because this book is not as inspiring as I had hoped. I find the way it is written to be dry. I hate to criticize a book about muslim environmentalism but I just expected more somehow. However let's proceed. Two questions in the first section did catch my attention. Please ponder them and if you will, answer them here, so we can have a discussion.

#1 Think of your first recollection of waste. When was the first time you became aware of trash?

#2 Ask yourself this question: Has there ever been a time when you measured your own value by what your bought or consumed?

Just finished the Green mosque chapter in the waste section so here is another question.

#3  How green is your mosque? Do you use real plates and cups or styrofoam?  Is your mosque accessible by public transportation or by walking? Does your mosque use solar energy etc?

Here is an article about a green mosque in BC.


  1. Salam Alaykom,

    #1 I think the first time I became aware of waste was when programs were introduced on tv when I was in high school. We got our recycling bins delivered and the family was aware of what to throw out in certain bins. This is when I realized the amount we chuck out b/c we were actually sorting them.

    I didn't quite understand you 2nd question. Do you mean, have I been conscious of the stuff I buy and their materials or packaging.

    #3 From memory our local masjid has reusable plastic mugs (like those you take to camping) and I have no seen any plates etc. When dates or sweets have been handed out, you were given napkins. Solar energy....haha yeah right! But then again those things are expensive and you need a significant amount to actually make a difference. Many ppl walk to this masjid but there are bus stops nearby. I believe the Muslims who live too far to walk drive over anyways. On Fridays the roads and pathways are loaded with parked cars.

    Does this book run with the theory of global warning? Just curious.

  2. Wa Alaikum salaam

    #2 is referring to people who buy goods to show their status, like only buying well known name brands ie Nike you are only worth what you can afford etc

    So for #3 I guess your mosque doesn't have potlucks then?

  3. Salamz,

    Well then for #2 that is def. not me LOL.....I love a bargain and if it is a name brand I know is good quality then that is 2 goods in one :D Do I shop esp. for name brands to show off, no I don' least I like to think so. If I fill sn inkling of pride I reframe from that b/c that is not Islam. Anyways, I am the type that likes one offs and to make my own version of things :)

    I don't think my mosque has that but I may be wrong. I am not too involved with them....the women piss me off.

  4. Uh didn't answer my last question in my first comment ;)

  5. Wa alaikum Salaam

    Whoa strong words! I go to the mosque mostly for the sake of my kids.

    So far I can't remember anything about global warming in the book but the next section is about energy..its called watts and they must mention it there. I have yet to read that section. I'll let you know insha Allah.

  6. I'm reading watts right now. Is anyone else reading this book or has read it and wants to comment? Actually this is the last day but honestly I am not finished the book. Has anyone gotten their hands on Growing Up X? I've ordered mine from the library.