Monday, November 22, 2010

Party Time

On Friday night I went to a muslim bridal shower. I won the prize for heaviest purse again, lol. The food was yummy. It was too bad my two oldest daughters who know the bride weren't able to attend but I did bring dd3 and dd4.  On Saturday we went to a Malay Eid party in GTA. We brought halal KFC (yes this exists in GTA) and it was gobbled up in minutes! I also enjoyed the satay as usual and someone made some lovely pulut. I just love pulut. (sticky rice dessert). I met a very interesting woman who just arrived here this year from Malaysia and has a big family like me! I beat her though as she only has 6 but she wants to have more! The next day I had brunch with a convert I was introduced to. Overall it was a very interesting but tiring weekend. The best thing is the kids had a ball with all the other kids including thier niece and dh had fun with his 'homies', lol.

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