Friday, November 5, 2010

Library Hopping

When boredom strikes its always good to try something new. For awhile I've been thinking of going library hopping. For most people who live in cities its a simple case of going to a different branch. But when you live in a town you have to go to other towns or cities for such fun. Today I brought the kids (dd4, ds5,dd5) to a library in another town close by. I should have went there a long time ago! First of all there was perfect parking for my giant vehicle. Then when we got in the librarians were so gosh darn friendly and so happy to see us. Next we found a train track set for the kids to play with. They also had the usual crayons and colouring pages. In the corner was a place to make a puzzle. Our library has neither toys nor puzzles but they do have a checkers game. There were so many different books and videos as the libraries tend to have their own selections. I noted that there were a lot of romance videos and when I mentioned it to the librarian she said that was the favourite of seniors. Who knew?  There were some new magazines too like What's Cooking and Pack -o-FUN. DS5 went to the shelf and grabbed a Pokemon book (my these kids have good eyes!). They also picked out lots of movies for themselves and would have taken tons if I didn't stop them. This library is in an old building at least the front  part it is. Its a Carnegie library I was told. I found books for my older kids too and found out they have a program for thier age group but too bad its at a time they couldn't make. I'd love to go back with both sets of kids. While checking out the books I spotted some lovely brooches made from the old roof of the building which had little paintings done on them. Is that sweet or what? Too bad I forgot to bring my camera or I could have shown you all this. After we left we went to the playground across the street (my library doesn't have that either!) and let the kids play but it was windy and cold so we left quickly. It would be great in the spring though. Now where shall we go next?


  1. Subhanallah! We did the same thing today! It was a big blessing--- Our library is closed for the move into the new building so we've been using the new library in a nearby town-it's new but like a prison-nothing nice and cozy about it, no good books etc. So today we went in the opposite direction (same distance) to another branch (also newly built) and it was FANTASTIC! It was nicely designed, a room of booksale books--many many good titles, wish I had brought more pocket change. The kids section was organized and neat. Many good books, really. I found some great books too. I don't know it's a library like the others, but, it just seemed more loved? I am getting all my holds transfered there. One thing I hate is libraries with the kids sectioned tucked away, so that it is hard for moms to zip over to the grown-ups section and browse. This libary gets 10 stars for a central kids section.

  2. As salaam alaikum,

    We enjoy visiting many different libraries as well, but the one thing I don't like is to have them check books out from a library out of our county as returning the books is a bit more difficult.

  3. Asalaamu Alaikum Umm Malaak,

    Doesn't it just make such a difference to change locations and feel oh so much more comfortable? Another thing I liked about this new library was that the bathroom was in the kids' section, very convenient.

    Asalaamu Alaikum Umm Tafari

    You are allowed to borrow from outside of the county? We can only borrow from within and if we need a special request they call it an interlibrary loan and they bring it in from outside the county for you and send it back for you too. No need to bring it back to the original library.

  4. We went back to this library and I met a muslim woman. That town is tinier than mine so that was a miracle.