Friday, August 20, 2010

Day 8

Yesterday was a good day,alhumdullilah. I watched a lesson from the Quranic Arabic and played Ramadan Mubarak for the kids. Ameena's focus was on making iftar for her family so I did that too :) I made Lasagna. While I was making it my neighbour called and asked me to send my sons over to pick up some food, masha Allah. She sent falafal and another type of fried thing (don't know the name should have taken pictures but was busy), some yogurt which tasted like pudding,dates and those pink pickles they are so fond of eating. Ameena was also focused on contacting family members but she is muslim so its a peice of cake and not fraught with drama like when I call certain members of my family but insha Allah I will get the guts soon. After Maghrib I read Quran to the kids and they asked me what lewd meant and 'what your right hands possess'. You could just homeschool your kids straight from the Quran lol. Lots of material right there!
PS. My daughter (dd3-10 yrs old) told me she did dawah with the neighbours for hours! I said weren't they bored and she said no they kept asking questions. She talked about everything from Ramadan to halal meat to dogs and pigs, lol.


  1. Assalamo Alaikum!

    Thank u so much and jazaki Allah kheir for doing this diary and posting ur day to day experiences. I'm enjoying reading them, and I also have the book so its great to compare notes lol.
    I really hope u get through to ur family and they learn to accept ur decision, it must be so tough, I hope Allah gives u strength and sabr isa :)))
    U have to find out what that name of the other fried thing is, I'm curious lol

    Anyway jak and thanks again for doing this,

  2. Wa Alaikum salaam

    You're welcome. Cool that you have the book! Do you like it?

    Oh yeah I could have asked my neighbour when I was on the phone with her but totally forgot. Next time insha Allah.

  3. Salam again,

    yeah i enjoyed it a lot and learnt a lot elhamdulilah.

    Looking forward to read ur next posts :)