Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Ramadan Day 13

Yesterday I decided it would be great to break some people's fasts so I went shopping for the ingredients in the morning. While I was doing that I donated money to the Red Cross for the Pakistani flood. Then I had to pick up some library books and I saw a lot of kids at the library and wondered what was going on. Well they were there for reptile day and dd3 was signed up for that so I went home and picked her up and brought her back. Is this old age? I forgot to write the event on the calendar and she never thought to either. Well she didn't miss all of it and she got to hold two snakes. One was a corn snake and the other one I don't know. Yuck! I certainly didn't want to hold it and I kept thinking about the Christian story of Adam and Eve with the snake being satan. (no matter how long I'm muslim some things just won't leave my mind!) I wish I would have remembered a camera though. One lady there told me I had a nice scarf. Then I made Date Squares (and sent them over to the neighbours' house) and Blueberry Squares and Shrimp Pasta. I took the pasta dish from Pioneer Woman's website and no one liked it! I though it was just ok and much better with parmesan added (I finally found kosher parmesan). And this is why I hate cooking. So much work and then no one likes it. I guess its like that whenever you try out a new recipe but it just makes me even more ornery. Oh I substituted the white wine with white grape juice and the canned tomatoes with fresh tomatoes from my garden. After Maghrib I read some Quran again to the kids. I was pretty tired by this point though. I still have to call my other siblings. So how was your day 13?

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