Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Ramadan Day 5

So today started out great. I brought all my Ramadan and Eid books and one tape to the library because they agreed to do a Ramadan display in their showcase window at the front entrance. They had printed out their own blurb about Ramadan and had some books from the library as well. They chose two that I had and said they wanted some things they could hang or display. I went home and looked around and brought back a picture of the kabba, a hanging of the kabba with a quranic verse, a prayer rug, an empty box of dates, a prayer rug and a quran holder and quran. I forgot to think of prayer beads probably because I never use them myself. Insha Allah I'll get a picture of the final display. I called my neighbour to come for iftar at the mosque today. I finally recieved an email from the Islamic school telling me they are closed for Ramadan and to contact afterwards! Ok so now how do I plan my kids schooling? I didn't manage to read Quran so I am behind on that but we did go to the mosque for iftar. I got to see my friend who teaches me Quran and my neighbour showed up as well. The focus today for Ameena was community work. Well I did do community dawah.  How was your day 5? Anybody out there? Anybody? :)

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