Sunday, August 15, 2010

Ramadan Day 3 (yesterday)

So the focus for this day was sadaquah in the book (Ameena's Ramadan diary). I like her idea of a piggy bank. I  didn't implement it though. What I managed to do yesterday though was some dawah to tell the woman at the kids building workshop about Ramadan and iftar at the mosque and about the new Islamic school opening up. She knew about the school but was pleasantly surprised about the rest. After that I went to said islamic school only to meet up with a wall of silence. First I was told that the person in charge was not there and to come back later after Zuhr. So I came back with dh and the person was there but was busy in a meeting. He told dh to wait 'a few minutes' well it was a lot longer than a few minutes and dh was not impressed so we left. Finally I resorted to emailing them. I am still waiting for a response. Since I prayed salatul istikharah about my kids schooling this year I will just leave it in Allah's hands to direct me. So far I have no idea what to do with myself even after going to the 1st Muslim Homeschooling Conference. After going to the school we went to buy more wood to finish the playhouse and I got a call from dd2 saying my parents are coming. I was quite shocked. I called my mom back and she said she read in the paper that it was Ramadan. Not a nice way for her to find out you might think but I don't want to talk to her about this stuff because she takes offense. Then after that I read one juz of the Quran to myself and then the second one out loud to all the kids. Ds4 asked me what does the hereafter mean. Its funny how we assume our kids know these things. I think the kids liked hearing me read the Quran and I should do it more often. After that we went to the mosque for the potluck iftar. My first born son was there looking so sweet in his baju melayu and sarong and his Christian wife in her hijab. She took care of the kids while I prayed Maghrib and even got me a plate of food. Masha Allah. We didn't stay for taraweeh; too hectic with the kids and we live out of town too. So that was my day. How was your day 3?

Oh yes the webinar mentioned not publicising your good deeds. Just to let you know this is simply to keep track of myself and improve myself and to get ideas from others and to encourage my kids who read this.


  1. Ramadan Mubarak!
    Your days always sound so busy, subhanallah! How far is the Islamic school from you? I am glad your kids liked listening to the quran. It was one of my mini goals for Ramadan to practice and understand some more of the "little" surahs with the kids--ones we both need to memorize. It hasn't happened yet. We made a very long paper chain to decorate with, and hung an Iqra Ramadan Poster up, and inshallah we will do more crafts and stories--homeschool officially starts tomorrow. We took the kids to iftar twice. The first time was OK but I sat next to a woman who complained how bad her marriage was over and over, now I have know this woman since last Ramadan, and the story is the same, and I think she may have some mental issues too. It was not pleasant. I was also shy that night. So many sisters I don't know, or worse, know from yearly gatherings but still don't "know". Last night I put on a smiley face and it was actually quite nice. I also brought our own cups and forks to help with the trash, but it was only like a grain of sand on the beach. If only I knew who was on the "committee" I would ask to be in charge of washable cups and plates, or a combination of such things. This year our mosque is only doing iftar Thurs through Saturday. This works well for me, because it give me a break and also will make iftar feel nice at home when we do stay at home. Tonight, inshallah will be salmon, rice, a salad and maybe springrolls. I finally got a decent filling that I like, but I am still working on a crispy thin outside--not the thick and bubble kind. Might try the rice wrappers (they are hard circles when dry).

  2. Ramadan karim!

    Its strange..I'm not usually busy at all but suddenly there seems so much to do! The Islamic school is about half an hour from me. Its also a boarding school. I heard its $400 a month though...yikes! Insha Allah you can direct that woman towards some islamic counselling and find out who's running the committee so you can make some changes. We also have the paper dilemma. I know all about the rice wrappers since I used to be married a Vietnamese guy and we would make cha gio with those.

  3. ALhamdulillah, Glad to know those will work. Usually we use them moistened for frsh spring rolls, so we have them on hand. Seems like I am always missing one ingredient or another! At least I have those. Cha gio---yum. I may try a recipe for that next.
    I have tried to get her help, but she is stuck. May Allah help her because I can't :(
    School: 400 per month, per kid right? Do you get a bulk discount for multiple enrollment? It is expensive, same as here. I can't wait until Muslims are more affluent or generous that kids can go for free, or at least at a more affordable rate. It will be high on my priority of donations once we are out of school and doing well.

  4. Yes $400 per kid. I don't know if there is a discount. I got an email from them today and it said we are closed for Ramadan, contact us after Ramadan. Hello, after Ramadan its time to start school, actually schools starts Sept 7th. Maybe they intend to start later but in the meantime I still can't make a decision.

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