Thursday, August 26, 2010

Ramadan Day 14

Yesterday I didn't accomplish much( Ameena's day though was superproductive!) as again I was tied up having to take care of an issue with my kids all day long. In the morning when I went shopping though to get something related to this I saw a muslim gentleman from the next town over and he told me to tell dh to go to the new islamic school for taraweeh and iftar. I mentioned that they didn't allow women and he said well there are a few women (I'm guessing the wives of the owners or something) and that of course they wouldn't kick you out. I told him that dh and I had already gone there twice for information about the school and were disappointed both times and even about my email response I got from them. He asked for my number and said he would make sure they called me. Hmm..should I have hope this time? Later on that evening dd2 got some great news about something that was really upsetting for the past little while which would have ruined all her plans. But Alhumdullilah things worked out and I feel so happy for her. In the evening instead of reading Quran we watched a movie about scientific verses in the Quran (This is the Truth, Interview With Leading Scientists). Ds2 especially was interested it. How was your day 14?


  1. You know Ameena is a fictional character? : P
    Is she married with kids?

    You are doing great mashallah. Inshallah the mosque thing works out for the best, either way.

  2. Asalaamu Alaikum

    Well no where on the book does it say it is a work of fiction so I assumed that Ameena was just another name for the author who is named Sara. She feels real to me anyway, lol. Ameena is single and working and living at home with her family.

    The mosque thing? Do you mean at the islamic school?