Sunday, August 29, 2010

Ramadan Day 17

Where has the time gone? I can't believe how many days have already passed. Although if I were fasting it would probably feel like forever especially with these long days. Yesterday was also another day to take care of our children's problem but we also got to go to iftar. Before that though I took ds2 to look for eid gifts for his siblings. He has a paper route so he wants to buy something this year. I made sure to buy milk and juice for the iftar this time instead of the usual pop they ask you to bring because I don't want the kids to drink too much of that. We brought rice to the iftar; they tell each family what to bring. I guess its better when its more organized like that. But I remember the way it was at church and you could bring whatever, so that if you were poor, then even a loaf of bread. That way no one felt hard pressed. Not that we feel that way but I wonder if anyone does. I guess you could just take your name off the list. Perhaps I overthink things? Its in my nature. At the iftar my daughter-in-law didn't show up but another convert did with her mother and I spent the whole time talking to her. This woman is such a lovely person and so accepting of her daughter's conversion. She told me that her daughter converted when she was only 12! Imagine that! I'd give more details but I think I shouldn't for privacy sake but I wish I could tell you her lovely story. I can say she was introduced to Islam through books though. Masha Allah. Afterwards I was thinking ,isn't it amazing that I spoke to this woman for so long and yet I barely know her and the people in the mosque don't give me the time of day and after 10 yrs barely even know who I am! Well on another note I forgot to bring cans for the canned food drive even though I did write it on the calendar. Tsk, tsk and I am the one who started the canned food drive when I was a Muslim Girl Guide leader a few years ago. How was you day 17?

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