Monday, August 30, 2010

Ramadan Day 18

Still working on the problem with the kids. As for Ameena, her reminder is about not backbiting. Today we went to a history fair where people were all basically dressed like me, lol. Seriously there were all in period costumes so the women were all nice and covered up except for some highland dancers. One guy though was dressed up as a native although he wasn't. He said that there are all sorts of people involved in their group but no Arabs and Indians. Huh? How does that apply to us? Oh I get it , I guess I'm the arab and dh is the Indian. So I set him straight and told him how the kids and I had Ojibway roots. The kids got to make a candle and a rope so it was fun for them as well as learning about the history of the area and its settlers. Later on that day ds1 and his wife came over which was a suprise and he told me about his new purchases from Soundvision including miswak toothpaste. Can you tell he's my son? He also had bought a book about gheeba (backbiting). Funny coincidence to go along with this book eh? Our neighbour sent over food again, alhumdullilah. This is the 3rd time and I've only sent over food once! Yikes, better get cracking.  In the evening I read Quran to the kids and dh translated a talk from an imam in Malaysia for us. The imam was saying that a malay guy went to the states and went to a church with  his Christian friend but the Priest told him to get out. But he didn't want to leave so the priest said you can stay if you answer all my questions correctly which he did. ( I have no idea what the questions were though). Then the malay guy said now you have to answer my question; how can you get to heaven? Apparently the priest then recited the kalimah (There is no god but Allah and Muhammad is the messenger of Allah) in arabic. The congregation said they wanted to go to heaven too and all became muslim. I know, I know...all the catholics are choking right now or spitting out their coffee. This story does seem a little over the top. I would need proof to believe it. However I do know that there are priests and ministers that believe in Islam but don't want to lose thier lucrative positions so they never let on. I also know that one priest even kept a  Quran in his church office and that is how one of his congregants converted. That happened in Quebec. So it was a very interesting day. How was your day 18?

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