Saturday, August 21, 2010

Ramadan Day 9

Yesterday started out with everyone missing sahoor :( I felt so bad for them. The little ones decided not to fast though but dd2 and ds2 had no choice. It was funny because this topic came up yesterday on Productive Muslim.(email; Oh no, I missed my suhoor) I spent most of my day doing errands including picking up some books at the library where I managed to get a picture finally of my display. We spent jumuah at home with ds2 being the imam as usual. I called my neighbour to tell her about the iftar at the mosque and we had a long chat. She reminded me about contacting my family by asking me about my relations with them. Ameena mentions that too and I really need to get on that. Then the family and I did more errands (this is good because it made them forget they missed suhoor a bit). The mosque was the next stop where we did asr (only reason the mosque was open was because they were getting ready for iftar and wait another reason because of the hafiz there to recite the quran). The kids played in the mosque playground then everyone broke their fast and prayed maghrib. I saw an old friend and my daughter-in-law was there too and was a big help with the kids, alhumdullilah. After that there was an incident at the mosqe which reminded me we are living in the end times. May Allah protect us. Amin. So I wasn't entirely satisfied with this day because A I didnt' read quran, B I didn't do any charity and C I did not reach out to my family.


  1. Asalamu Alaykum :)

    missing suhur.... it's like my biggest nightmare - I think because I'm so scared of missing it I manage to wake up every night lol

    I've got Ameena's Ramadan Diary and it's pretty useful - but I seem to be a day behind all the time - not all that bad. I'm the Dad in the family and took charge in the kitchen yesterday (my wife hates that). I ordered my wife to wash, slice and dice the vegetables and I did the rest. So I didn't do it all on my own, but felt that I helped out... a bit.

    I've had 'contacting my family' on the top of my list form my pre-Ramadan preparations and haven't got round to doing yet... must do something today.

    So did you find out if they do taraweeh at the mosque?

    Jazzaki Allah kheir for your posts.


  2. Wa Alaikum Salaam

    A dad masha Allah. I think you are the first one to comment on my blog. Its great that this book is useful for everyone. That's funny about taking charge in the kitchen, dh loves to cook and I hate it so we make a good pair; no complaints from me! Our mosque does have taraweeh, always has but they have no nursery and no babysitting arrangements so that's why I never pray except once when dh watched them. I still haven't contacted my siblings yet either.

    Your welcome for the posts:)