Monday, August 2, 2010

Perfect Play House part 2

From a dream to reality;the playhouse is being built as we speak. On Saturday we bought the wood and yesterday the floor and one wall were built. Meanwhile the kids had dreams of thier own. DD3 wants to do interior decorating (painting or wallpapering or both) while DS4 is planning on adding electricity so he can play video games. I told him no way! Dh says the house will not be too fancy as that would entail more costs but with  a little imagination the kids will be on thier way. This is the third playhouse that dh has built over the years. The last one was 10 yrs ago before we went to Malaysia. The first one was played in by DS1 and DD1 and DD2. The next door neighbour copied our idea but made it even better; was dd2 ever mad when thier house had real windows and hers didn't! The second one was even bigger and had two levels! Alas both these were sold long ago since we moved from both places. This one will be enjoyed by ds2,ds3,dd3,ds4,dd4,ds5 and dd5 not to mention gd1 (granddaughter). The ad is of a book we have been using for ideas.

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