Sunday, November 22, 2009

Out of the mouths of babes

Last night we went to a pre-eid sale. There were clothes for sale, food, face painting and henna. So far, so halal but then there was also loud music playing with quetionable lyrics and in the corner a place to try your luck? Luck? My third daughter got up and turned down the music. I didn't tell her to she just got up and did it. I thought someone might get mad but the guy at the next table gave her the thumbs up. Looks like there were others feeling the same way. My second daughter didn't find any clothes she liked (none of them were really appropriate;too thin, too sparkly, too short) so we went to the mall. At one store where we amazingly found a ankle length skirt but for the awful price of $145, my fourth daughter decided to pass the time chatting with customers. She asked the woman what her name was and told her hers. Then the woman started talking to her about Christmas shopping but my daughter told her we don't do Christmas but Eid. So the lady started talking about how grown ups don't eat for Eid for a month but I kindly corrected her and said that was Ramadan and that this was a different Eid to celebrate the end of the pilgrimage to Makkah. Then she asked my daughter what we did to celebrate and so I reminded her to say we go to the mosque and then she said we go to the mosque and then we have an Eid party! Subannallah. Sometimes you think your kids aren't learning anything but then they turn around and change the haram with their hands and do dawah with a stranger (of course under my watchful gaze).