Sunday, November 22, 2009

Writing on the Wall

Iqra is the first word revealed in the Quran meaning read or recite. So I am always appalled by the illiteracy problems in the muslim world. But what about right here in Canada? Well the majority can certainly read but what are they reading? According to the documentary Writing on the Wall by Indigo/Chapters there is a crisis here in our schools. The books are so out of date, worn out and non-existent that the children are suffering. It sounds unbelievable but if you watch this video you will see what is happening in our schools. When I grew up we had a lovely large library in our school with up to date books and a full time librarian and even had to go to library class once a week. These things are mostly a thing of the past with only 13% of schools having librarians now. My second daughter watched this documentary too and verified that indeed the library at her school had no up to date books especially science books. What on earth is going on in Canada? Where are our tax dollars going to? If you are upset click on the link, watch the documentary, then sign the petition and donate to the reading program or just simply donate to your child's school. I never thought I'd see the day when Canada would go so far downhill; healthcare is a mess,jobs are being outsourced,schools are going downhill and libraries are underfunded. Education is the light of the world, don't let the government snuff it out.

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