Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Top Secret Recipes

I have the book and there is also a site you can go to with even more recipes. I have made the Mrs. Fields recipe and my kids too so many times the page is covered in dough splatters. I also make the Orange Julius recipe and yesterday my daughter made Reese's Peanut butter cups. My daughter forgot the cupcake holders but they still turned out fine. These were yumalish! These would be great for Eid! (why do I keep adding to my eid list?) Enjoy!


  1. Assalamu ALaikum, yes please dooo make those for eid!! Can I have some right now?

  2. Wa Alaikum salaam

    Your sister can't wait to make them. I'm thinking of doing mint ones too! Sorry but we ate the last one today..mixed with vanilla ice good!

  3. oh yum!! who is the book by? I might even venture back into the kitchen for that...

  4. Todd Wilbur..just click on the link and it will bring you to his site.