Tuesday, November 24, 2009

From Out-er Space

This a new book by a woman from Kelantan (my hubby's state in Malaysia) that I want to get my hands on (its only available in South East Asia) She lived overseas in Australia and the US so had a hard time adapting when she came back home. I can totally relate to not being able to adapt to Kelantan;I lived there for 4 months and it was more than I could bear. I think the only way to not experience major culture shock in Malaysia is to either be an expat or a tourist. Living like a local is no picnic. Since this book is not available here it makes me wonder how many wonderful books we are missing out on. Also makes me wonder if Kindle or Nook have a feature to download such books as these.


  1. sorry to hear your have a culture shocked living in Kelantan! I would too since I am from the big city Kuala Lumpur and for your information Kelantan has been under the ruling of the Islamic party (PAS) for so many years and that is why there were no progress in that State but the people are masyallah bright and good in doing business :))). the State is very Islamic compares to other States in Malaysia and another one is their neighbour Terengganu. though religion they are and yet the State of Kelantan have the highest of drug addicts and HIV since they are borders to Thailand. this is true and sad fact about it :(. dont let your experienced living in Kelantan deter you from living in Malaysia. I hope you did went to Kuala Lumpur while living in Kelantan.

  2. I stayed in KL only about a day or 2 when I first landed there. KL is very expensive! My sis-in-law lives there in apt. As for Kelantan its sad the way money is withheld from them just because they are ruled by PAS instead of UMNO. Its not fair. Its sad to see the state so underdeveloped. The water is just horrible with very old pipes and they gave the contract to a British company who did nothing. When I lived there alhumdullilah we drank well water which we had to boil but it was at least clear. Its sad the horrible influence that Thailand has on Kelantan. Everyone knows about Thailand here because its famous for all things haram but no one know at all about Malaysia. Malaysia is difficult..if you want modern, you cannot afford it and if you want economy then you have to live the old fashioned way. I think Malaysia would be great if you had a lot of money or you were willing to live below your means.