Friday, November 6, 2009

Halal Candy

Its hard when you convert and find out how many things have pork in them, including candy especially if you are just a kid at heart and if you have kids. Its goodbye skittles (I got to eat some at the ISNA conference though and RIS conference), some jujubes, marshmallow cones and candies of all kinds. The hard part is you remember how these taste unlike kids who grew up in Islam unless they have those parents who never bother to read ingredients like the ones who keep trying to give my kids tootsie pops! So its nice to find places to buy halal candies. One place of course is the halal meat/grocery store but be careful sometimes even they might have things that haven't been checked over. Another place is oriental stores which often have Malaysian and Indonesian halal candy. And online there is this new place called The Souq which also sells hijabs and pins. Insha Allah you can still have time to stock up for Eid.


  1. mmm candy!! they had soo much halal candy in Medina as well :) one of our fellow hajj members bought a whole carton of skittles to take home with him haha

  2. whole carton eh? can't say as I blame them!