Monday, November 2, 2009

English Roots

Well I'm not English but it is my mother tongue so that is the language my kids speak and in which I'm homeschooling. My father tongue though is French and until homeschooling my kids were going to French school. They are bilingual and for French I use Instant Immersion French Deluxe which has "advanced speech recognition and analysis features". I actually bought this for myself as my parents didn't teach me french but it is so handy for my kids to use too. But I digress. Back to English and its roots. On another blog I found these flash cards for learning the Greek and Latin roots of English words. We also have lots of words from Arabic so I searched and came across this interesting book. But aside from these roots English is made up of so many languages and it is what drives immigrants mad when they have to learn the spelling of them. Scientifically speaking the learning of these roots is a phenomenal boost to the dissecting of words. I will consider getting these as an enrichment activity later in the year when they have covered most of the curriculum and are starting to get bored.

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