Wednesday, November 11, 2009

What Muslim Women want ...for Eid.

I came across this article by a man no less explaining what Muslim women want for gifts. I read through the list and it seems the guy really gets it! So if there are any men out there reading this then take some notes. For the women be sure to forward this to dear hubby. As for me just check out my post on what to get the baker on your list. ;)


  1. As salaamu 'alaikum wa RahmatULLAHI wa Barakatuhu Sister -

    MashaALLAH, he's one in a million, lol. What a great list!

    Take care,
    wa salaam,

  2. Wa Alaikum salaam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatahu

    True, masha Allah. Pass the list on!

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  4. You're welcome! I see you deal in gifts to Pakistan. Great idea. The baby walker though is a big no-no. They are banned here in Canada and for a good reason; so many babies have been injured using them including my own son-in-law while growing up in Pakistan.