Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Ramadan Day 27

Yesterday the kids went to school for the first day (ds2 to high school and ds3,dd3 and ds4 to elementary school). Dd4 and ds5 should have went to school but dd4 refuses to go to school and ds4 is too little for such a long bus ride. I took dd4 and ds5 to the library and we picked up the book Under the Ramadan Moon. We were invited to my friend's iftar at the masjid which was nice but I had no dinner companion this time besides my kids. Afterwards she returned my dish filled with chicken and rice and a second dish with that white pudding (oh dear I really should learn the names of these things). We came home late so I only read a little of Juz 17 to myself. The kids problem is still not over so I continue to work on that and it takes up a lot of time. Ameena has an easy life since she's single and carefree. So if you are looking for a perfect example please read the book. I'm just a simple mom living in the boonies with 10 kids (ok fine, 2 have flown the coop). How was your day 27?

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