Thursday, September 23, 2010

Burrowing animals

DD4 who is in grade 1 and homeschooling is fascinated by burrowing animals. I got her a lot of library books about it including one called Its Moving Day about different animals who end up all living in the same hole at various times for various reasons. I decided to do a craft to go with this. To make this follow these instructions.

Materials: toilet paper roll, popsicle stick or pipe cleaner, construction paper, scissors, glue or tape

1. Draw a circle ( you can use the toilet paper roll to do this.)

2. Draw some ears (you can use the top part of the scissors as a template)
3. Cut both out.
4. Tape or glue the ears on.
5. Tape or glue the head onto the stick or pipe cleaner.
6. Stick your rabbit through the hole (toilet paper roll).

My kids love this. Great peek-a-boo game. ds5(4 yrs old) made one too but I had to do the cutting part.


  1. awww we're sooo doing this I love it hehee

  2. Yeah your sister even thanked me,lol.